Peer Conference
Who we are: 
The Murphy School Peer Conference is made up of students from different grades and help find solutions to problems.

Which grades are we in?
The students in Peer conference are from 8th grade, 7th grade, and 6th grade. We were elected by our peers and teachers to become Peer Conferencers and completed 10+ hours of training on how to resolve conflict.

How does peer conference work?
"Peer Conferencers" will meet and speak with the students/teachers involved and ask questions about what happened so at the end there is a solution to the problem.

What do we do?
We are another source for students to come to when they are having dilemmas or a conflict.

Who is it for?
Teachers and Students from 3rd to 8th Grade.

How can you find us?
Fill out a form in the office or on Murphy school home page or can also talk to Ms. Wehbeh or Ms.Shick.