Principal’s Message
Dear Murphy School Families,

I feel fortunate to be part of the Murphy School's culture of caring. Our school has a proud tradition of partnering with families to support the social and academic health of a child. Together, schools and families can be a powerful combination in making this world a better place. It is a real challenge to have all the answers as a parent or as a teacher but together we double our chances of providing supports for a child to give them the best happiness in life.

The precious days of childhood are just a few, very short years. I encourage you to savor the joy, the tears, the laughter and hugs every moment. To make the most of these special days, one suggestion is to take every opportunity to praise healthy behaviors and connect actions to feelings. A range of simple healthy habits might include daily brushing and flossing teeth, going to bed on time and arriving to school ready to learn. Remember to praise the more complex social and school habits like being responsible to take every assignment seriously, planning out time so all assignments are done to the best of one's ability, turn in all assignments, and ask for help when needed. It is a strength to ask for help. It is a strength to be kind.

Eventually the older child has to face years when being kind is more than using your manners of 'Please' and 'Thank you' but learning what it is to be a good friend, how to build strong friendships, choosing friends that compliment their personality and maybe even helping friends to make the right choices. As a parent or family member, think carefully about how to create the kind of relationship where honest, age appropriate conversations are possible throughout all the days of childhood.

In parenting we are always looking for a healthy balance between being too rigid and too soft, between being too much of a "helicopter parent" and too "buddy buddy" with our children. Sometimes asking teachers for their viewpoint can help you decide which way to lean. Eventually we cannot monitor everything an adolescent chooses to do, but by praising the positive choices children make today we build up the child in these precious days of childhood.

On behalf of our entire faculty, we want to thank you for being a great community, allowing us to be part of your lives, and sharing your children with us each day.


Dr. Zelenka