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Murphy School Music & Visual Arts Program

Greetings Murphy Staff, Students and Parents:

Murphy students in the Fine Arts program will have many opportunities to creatively express themselves through both visual and musical arts projects. This includes a variety of elements, such as: reading musical notes and writing guitar tabulators, playing guitar, recorder, and percussion instruments, analyzing age-appropriate music, fine arts journaling, developing drawing techniques, exploring cultural art, permanent artwork installations, and much more!


Sandra Lucas

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Murphy School Dance Program

Greetings Murphy Staff, Students and Parents:

The dance department is planning many fun and exciting things for our students this year. This year's curriculum includes: introduction to ballet (3rd - 8th), yoga (4th -6th), and the highly demanded pop/hip hop dance (3rd - 8th). Students will have many opportunities to create their own work and more opportunities to showcase the works they have created. I am looking forward to a fabulous learning year and appreciate all of your support.


Paula Hawkins

Community Sing

Community Sing is a monthly event that brings the entire Murphy School Students, Parents, and Staff together in song and celebration of Murphy student accomplishments. Community and school wide annoucements are also given during this time.

Community Sing always occurs on the last Friday of the month starting at 8:10am in the Auditorium.

Family Music

Family Music is a monthly opportunity for parents with children under age 5 to join us in song and dance activities

Murphy School Band

Welcome to the Murphy Elementary School Band Program for 4-8 grade students! Ms. Carol Swann has directed the Murphy School band program for 16+ years and looks forward to leading our 2017-18 Murphy School Band. Ms. Swann earned her Master’s in Music from Northwestern University and Bachelor’s in Music Education from Roosevelt University.

Students are provided with an instrument, weekly group band lessons and perform for the school and in the community. Many of our former band students have been accepted in High School Band programs at Schurz, Lane College Prep, Lincoln Park High, and Whitney Young.

*Please contact Ms. Swann if you are interested!

Email: swannc@hotmail.com

Please check the Murphy School calendar for details on performances and special events.

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After School Programs for the 2017-2018 School Year

Program Name & Description

Grade Level

Days of the Week

Speak Truth to Power: Spoken Word and Hip Hop

Students will learn the history and tradition of Spoken Word poetry and Hip Hop. Students will related their lived experiences and current sociopolitical issues to the development of their art work and performances. Students will write original hip hop lyrics and spoken word poems. Students will learn performance techniques and public speaking strategies.
6-8 February 26th - April 4th
Monday at 3:15pm

American Sign Language

Learn the basics of American Sign Language with Ms. Lawrence. We will practice sign language and learn about the Deaf community and culture as well. Students will have a truly "hands on" experience!
2-8 February 21st - April 4th
Wednesday at 3:15pm

Murphy Art Club: Mixed Media Collage

Have fun creating an amazing collage using six different media techniques
3-8 February 20th - April 10th
Tuesday at 3:15pm

Digital Art and Storytelling

With Mr. Walters. Students will learn to use the same tools Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Disney, and others use to create modern comics and graphic art. Students will have the option to create their own short graphic novels or series of digital paintings. Their combined works will be self published in a book for their own portfolio.
4-8 February 20th - April 3rd
Tuesdays/Wednesdays at 3:15pm

Homework Help Club

Students will receive help completing homework.
1-3 February 20th - April 3rd
Tuesday at 3:15pm

Crazy 8's Math Club

It incorporates fun activities that explore math concepts in non traditional ways. Students will participate in fun activities that have math embedded in them. Students of varying abilities will work together to solve problems and answer questions.
3-5 February 26th - April 9th
Monday at 3:!5pm

Arts and Crafts in Spanish 1

Students will make art projects inspired by art traditions and artists from Latin America. **We will only speak Spanish during our club time.**
K-2 February 26th - April 9th
Monday at 3:15pm

Science Club

Explore science through hands-on activities about space and related projects.
2-4 April 3rd - May 8th
Tuesday at 3:15pm

Coed Floor Hockey 1

Students are introduced to the sport of hockey and will learn teamwork, get exercise, and have fun.
5-6 February 23rd - April 6th
Friday at 3:15pm

Coed Floor Hockey 1

Students are introduced to the sport of hockey and will learn teamwork, get exercise, and have fun.
7-8 February 23rd - April 6th
Friday at 3:15pm


Learn the basics of ballet in a class taught by Ms. Hawkins. Students will learn vocabulary, ballet class protocols, and will perform for the Fine Arts Festival
3-5 April 10th - May 15th
Wednesday at 3:15pm

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